A quick vid I did of my poem “Concerns”. May 2014

Here is the Roundhouse’s Live Streaming of Page Match.

Highlights include Rob Auton’s Mr Blue Sky entrance and costume at 24:00 (then after an amazing near-nude SHREDDER appearance by Tom Clutterbuck, Rob and Inua Ellams do battle); Laurie’s drunk dialing at 54:00;  the Dead Poets vs Bang Said the Gun rap battle; me and Hollie McNish increasing the peace and spreading the love at 1:32; The awesome foursome of Aisle 16 getting way harsh, Tai, at 1:47.

While I’m uploading videos, here’s a link to the film we made last year for Random Acts on Channel 4,  featuring my year 11 GCSE drama class. This was via the wonderful people at Bang said The Gun and The Mob Film company.

Dir. Mark Chaudoir.

This was the original introductory video, by Chris Bevan Lee and Dom Baker.

My TFL #travelbetterlondon poem, “Unseen”. This was filmed at South Kensington tube, in one take and it was the first time I’d performed it! Film by Chris Bevan Lee.

New Video: Mr Fox

Me performing a poem about the Fearless Urban Fox at the BSTG Fred Foundation special last November.

Video: me at the Word House, April 2012. Feat. Mark Grist and Sabrina Mahfouz.

Video: me performing "GCSE" at the Word House

Thanks to Amy Stratton for the vid. October 2011.

Thanks to Lauren for footage of me performing at Page Match, Camden Roundhouse, September 2011. Spandex-tastic